All of covers are available for all of our sole models in two City and Sport ranges. 

CITY covers

OnSteam DOTS

Black | 2.5mm / Light grey | 4mm

onSteam® is the new microfiber developed by Grupo Morón with a second skin effect, 100% breathable and  with an absorption capacity of 8 times its weight in water. Ideal as an inner lining of the shoe. 

Thanks to its thermoregulatory effect, it offers maximum comfort and total drying.
Perspiration does not accumulate inside the shoe, because the fabric promotes its evaporation so that the foot always remains dry. 

  • Absorption-desabsorption = always dry.
  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • No bad smells.
  • Thermoregulatory effect.
  • Maximum elimination of water.
  • High resistance to tearing.
  • High bonding compatibility.
  • High resistance to sewing.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Hydrophilic.
  • Washable (up to 95°C, without shrinking or altering its properties).
  • Malleable.
  • Oil repellent.
  • Possibility of creating personalized aromas.
  • Resistance to perspiration.
  • Resistance to friction.
  • 100% breathable.
  • Ecological. CO2-free manufacturing system. 
  • Without chrome VI. 
  • 100% microfiber product. 


Blue | 2.5mm / Light grey | 4mm

Velvet texture

SPORT covers


Black | 2.5mm
  • Extremely resistant 100% PES fabric
  • Excellent absorption and removal of moisture
  • Pleasant feel on contact with the skin (Oeko-Tex)
  • Resistance to washing
  • Resistance to discoloration
  • Technical design
  • Incorporation of  carbon fibers


Blue | 4mm / Green | 4mm

Dermodry® is the technical fabric developed by Grupo Morón that accelerates the process of absorbing moisture to keep the skin always dry.

Made with Coolmax® yarn, moisture is transmitted to the outside constantly and never returns to the skin, which gives a pleasant and combortable feeling to the user.

Dermodry® is way more resistant and adapted to many applications.     

  • Made with Coolmax®.
  • Moisture control. Fast drying.
  • Reduced skin temperature. 
  • Decreased heart risk. 
  • Soft, light and breathable. 
  • 100% absorbent.

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